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Video: High-Tech Medical ID

    Emergency responders are called out to the scene of a bicycle accident involving one adult. Upon arriving on scene, they find a 44 year old female, named Lynn according to her driver’s license, still on the ground near¬†her bicycle. It appears that Lynn may have lost control going around a sharp turn on […]

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Ups…Downs…That is Life

From a distance, life is beautiful and wonderful to observe. But when we are in the midst and minutia of living, we often lose sight of the big picture. We are caught up in the moment and its current drama. We narrowly focus in on the immediate circumstance, forgetting that there is a much grander […]

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Caregiver = Competence + Kindness

It will not take long or much effort to look around your department to find: burned out medics chronically grumpy & negative medics medics who dislike and find no joy in certain, if not most, patients medics who find justification and pleasure in starting large bore IV’s in the hands of drunk or nuisance patients […]

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Good Backboarding = Good Care?? Maybe Not…

Recently, I had the opportunity to help a local college administer and evaluate EMT practical skills final exams. The students had several stations through which they rotated. Each station had a different skill in which each student must show competency. I was assigned to test each student in spinal immobilization using c-collars and backboards. This […]

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Intubating Ninja: Passive Oxygenation

Notice anything different in that picture above? Notice anything different about that intubation procedure from what usually happens in the back of your ambulance? We will come back to that in a moment. I don’t know about you, but when I went to Paramedic school, we were taught to intubate and to intubate¬†quickly. When it […]

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Coming in Hot! Code 3 With a Brugada Alert!!!

I can be somewhat of a tech geek. I enjoy technology. I want to have the latest device with the best apps. I am currently typing this blog on my iPad, paired with a bluetooth keyboard, tethered to my iPhone for internet access, while listening to streaming music. But recently I was challenged by technology…and […]

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The Bottom Line

Face it. Nobody owes you a living. What you achieve in your lifetime is directly related to what you do or fail to do. You can choose your own direction. Everyone has problems or obstacles to overcome, but that, too, is relative to each individual. Nothing is carved in stone. You can change anything in […]

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Would I Lie to You??

I recently came across a survey by Gallup ranking professionals by their reputation for honesty and ethics. Did you know that nurses have topped the ratings at #1 for eleven years? (Obviously because Medics/EMT’s were not on the list of professions from which to choose) When it comes to doctors, the Charter on Medical Professionalism, […]

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