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Simple Ring Removal Trick

Save the finger without having to damage the patient’s ring! Mike has a chat with Stacey Crump, a fellow paramedic, to try out a neat trick for getting a stuck ring off of a swollen finger without the need to cut the ring or use special tools!

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Emergency Mid-Flight Cric by Military Medics

  A clip from ‘Inside Combat Rescue‘ showing brave military medics performing an emergency surgical cricothyrotomy mid-flight on a badly injured soldier. God bless these guys for work they do in such a hostile and dangerous environment.

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video drowning minute

Let’s Talk About Drowning

Is there a difference between freshwater and saltwater drowning? Do you die from all the inhaled water? This video is of Dr. Carlo Oller…Dr. Oller is an emergency physician with more than 10 years experience and his videos are both educational and interesting. Click here to see Dr. Oller’s YouTube page. ¬†I will definitely be […]

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video palsy assessment

Saturday Night Palsy

This older female presents with new onset palsy of the radial nerve after alcohol intake and falling asleep on the couch. The examination and management of this condition is demonstrated. (another great video from Dr Larry Mellick)

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Video Infant & Child Open Airway - Neutral C-Spine

Video: Infant & Child Open Airway – Neutral C-Spine

This video demonstrates how to simultaneously create an open airway and a neutral cervical spine in the young infant and child who presents as a trauma patient. This intervention prevents supine kyphosis and anterior translation of the cervical spine (S.K.A.T.).

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Video The Pucker Sign

Video: The Pucker Sign

The Pucker Sign is a rare sign associated with surgical neck fractures of the humerus. It has also been described with supracondylar fractures. I could find only 5 articles with case reports or small case series discussing this finding. It appears to be named appropriately the “Pucker Sign”. The literature suggests that these patients often […]

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Video Zipper Release Technique

Video: Zipper Release Technique

This video provides proof that the recommendations to use wire cutters to cut the median bar of a metal zipper that has entrapped skin is a clinical myth. It may work with plastic zippers, but not with the most common metal zippers used on clothing.

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Video Hare Traction Splint Placement

Video: Hare Traction Splint Placement

This video discusses and demonstrates how to place a hare traction splint for reduction & stabilization of femur fractures.

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Video Inside Look at Tension Pneumothorax & Needle Decompression

Video: Needle Decompression Pearls to Remember!

This video presents important educational pearls concerning needle thoracostomy in the presence of a tension pneumothorax. Dramatic video is included that demonstrates a tension pneumothorax being relieved by a needle thoracostomy. GRU EMS leadership provide their insights.

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Good Backboarding = Good Care?? Maybe Not…

Recently, I had the opportunity to help a local college administer and evaluate EMT practical skills final exams. The students had several stations through which they rotated. Each station had a different skill in which each student must show competency. I was assigned to test each student in spinal immobilization using c-collars and backboards. This […]

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My First In-the-Field Patellar Dislocation Reduction!

I have seen the videos. I have read the articles. Hell, I have even stayed at a Holiday Inn Express…so I was ready! Then the call came in…(key the dramatic music please) My partner and I had a pretty good idea of what we were heading to as soon as the call was dispatched. We […]

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