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Pulse Ox Troubleshooting Pearls

Pulse oximetry devices can sometimes be a little finicky. Special guest, medic Jason McCullough, runs us through some troubleshooting considerations to keep in mind. These helpful pearls should get your pulse ox working for you, instead of against you!

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Ice Water Treatment for Tachycardia

Can applying cold water to a person’s face really drop their heart rate? I have special guest, paramedic Andaew Lau, join me in this video as we test it out. Watch to find out if this trick really works!

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video electrolyte abnormality

What is the Most Dangerous Electrolyte Abnormality?

What is the most dangerous electrolyte abnormality? This video will discuss some of the causes and treatments. This video is of Dr. Carlo Oller…Dr. Oller is an emergency physician with more than 10 years experience and his videos are both educational and interesting. Click here to see Dr. Oller’s YouTube page.  I will definitely be posting more of […]

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video learn heart sounds

Have Fun Learning Heart Sounds!

I previously posted another video from this guy, teaching how to identify S3 & S4 heart sounds in less than two minutes (click here to watch that video). He does such an amazing and entertaining job, that I had to post this video as well. These are twenty minutes well spent learning heart sounds. Sit […]

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video emergency cardioversion

Emergency Cardioversion…Ouch!!

Probable AVNRT causing extremely fast heart rate and hypotension cardioverted in the emergency department. (Another great video by Dr Larry Mellick) 

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video hands on during defib

Video: Hands On During Defibrillation

In this video we assess to see if the electrical charge from defibrillation can be felt by another person in contact with the patient. The importance of the observation is that it appears to be reasonably safe to continue CPR without interruption and only pause briefly at the moment of the the actual defibrillator discharge. […]

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Video Treating SVT with Adenosine

Video: Treating SVT with Adenosine

This video demonstrates one patient’s experience with intravenous adenosine for supraventricular tachycardia. Follow-up: An electrophysiology study was performed which was remarkable for AVNRT which was successfully ablated without complications. 

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Video Inside Look at Tension Pneumothorax & Needle Decompression

Video: Needle Decompression Pearls to Remember!

This video presents important educational pearls concerning needle thoracostomy in the presence of a tension pneumothorax. Dramatic video is included that demonstrates a tension pneumothorax being relieved by a needle thoracostomy. GRU EMS leadership provide their insights.

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Coming in Hot! Code 3 With a Brugada Alert!!!

I can be somewhat of a tech geek. I enjoy technology. I want to have the latest device with the best apps. I am currently typing this blog on my iPad, paired with a bluetooth keyboard, tethered to my iPhone for internet access, while listening to streaming music. But recently I was challenged by technology…and […]

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