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MedicNerd.com was founded on the belief that EMS education can be delivered in ways that are both enjoyableeffective. So if you want to be a rock-star, ass-kicking superhero medic & you like to have fun, be irreverent from time to time…then MedicNerd.com is the site for you! This site is made for all medic levels…from those just starting their EMT classes to the well seasoned paramedics wishing to continue sharpening their skills. This site will be a learning community for everyone in EMS that wants more from their profession & themselves. We will start off small & grow as we go. Please join me in this adventure & let’s get a little nerdy!

∼ Mike Stewart, Founder of MedicNerd.com

“Medicine isn’t about power or ego. It’s about people, reaching out to us as friends on the worst days of their lives.”


~ Patch Adams 

Meet Mike

Mike Stewart lives in the Florida Panhandle area and currently works as a paramedic with a local Emergency Medical Services department. Mike also teaches as an adjunct paramedic instructor at a nearby college.

In 2014, Mike launched the website, www.MikeStewart911.com, in which he began blogging about various EMS topics. Mike then began producing EMS related videos for both educational and entertainment purposes. These videos were used on the website and within his department as part of its continuing education curriculum.

After receiving rave reviews and public cries for more…Mike founded MedicNerd.com in 2015.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

~ Steve Martin

“One of the most assertive, diligent, & capable people I have ever taught”

∼ Shawn Levine – Paramedic Instructor / Fire Rescue Paramedic

“Michael has displayed the highest level of professionalism & character…a tremendous asset”

∼ David Gains – EMT Instructor / Fire Rescue Captain & Paramedic

“Highly skilled, driven, & dependable…patient advocate & cares about his co-workers & employer”

∼ Steven Suarez – Critical Care Paramedic / EMS Captain

“I immediately discovered the love & dedication he has for emergency medicine. He continuously strives to better himself & educate those around him”

∼ Kenny Linder – Paramedic / EMS Captain


“Shows a strong sense of compassion, has an ability to lead, and I believe that his character is an example that others should follow”

∼ Daniel Caleb McLeod – Paramedic / EMS Lieutenant

“A highly competent paramedic and a skilled educator…very articulate and creative in his presentation…very technologically adept as well as quite knowledgable”

∼ Brian Dunmyer – Paramedic / Instructor

“His ability to connect with students along with his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as advanced topics, are both truly superior. I have had the privilege to witness first hand the critical care skills that Mike possesses when caring for the critically ill or injured patients in their time of need. His ability to perform under pressure providing life saving measures would carry over to the classroom giving students an invaluable view of providing emergency care.”

∼ Darrell Taylor – Critical Care Paramedic

Mike could easily be described as an introvert, usually barricaded in seclusion with his face buried in a book. But if you would like to contact him with questions, comments, and/or snide remarks…simply click the button below to e-mail Mike directly.

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