“People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others.” - Blaise Pascal

Give Them Space!

It can be tempting to hover a little too closely, micromanaging the thoughts, reasoning, and therefore, the conclusions of our students. It comes from good intentions: We want them to come to the right conclusions…Is it not our duty to pass our knowledge and understanding on to the newbies?

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My Classroom Teaching Philosophy

I insist that students meet high standards with their medical knowledge, skill competencies, & scene management; while being careful not to crush their excitement & passion. I maintain my own passion for these students by reminding myself that they will be the ones to respond when my loved ones or I have a medical emergency.

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Whatever is...

Whatever Is…

You bear sole responsibility & have absolute control over how you perceive the world, life, & every event you experience. Make a choice to deploy determination, gratitude, & optimism.

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Simple Trick to Starting IV’s

  An essential step in consistently establishing IV’s, especially when your patient has those dreaded “rolling” veins, is stabilizing the target vein. (To have a little fun, can you spot the two scenes in which we used rubber arms??) Mike Stewart invites back a favorite guest, paramedic Stacey Crump, to demonstrate a little trick that […]

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