Bill Gates Wants

Latest Video: Bill Gates Wants to Be Like You!

Attention Medical Professionals: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, & Jeff Bezos are desperately trying to grasp what you already have! If you ever get down on yourself or your career…then remind yourself today and daily of the incredible opportunity we have to care for others!

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Whatever is...

Whatever Is…

You bear sole responsibility & have absolute control over how you perceive the world, life, & every event you experience. Make a choice to deploy determination, gratitude, & optimism.

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Simple Trick to Starting IV’s

  An essential step in consistently establishing IV’s, especially when your patient has those dreaded “rolling” veins, is stabilizing the target vein. (To have a little fun, can you spot the two scenes in which we used rubber arms??) Mike Stewart invites back a favorite guest, paramedic Stacey Crump, to demonstrate a little trick that […]

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Self Defense Class for Medics by DT4EMS

Physical assault on medics is a growing problem. Medic Nerd attended a self defense class by DT4EMS that teaches emergency responders how to escape violent encounters. The guys of DT4EMS, owner Kip Teitsort & instructor Matt Lopez, were kind enough to let our cameras roll during the class and then to talk to us on […]

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bougie video

3 Ways to Use an Airway Bougie

I am a big fan of using a bougie when intubating patients. Do not wait until you run into a difficult airway before finally reaching for this life-saving device…Practice with it now and often so that you are comfortable with it when you really need it. Let’s quickly review three different techniques using the bougie.

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